[issue1521] amd64 2.4 livecd won't mount root at boot

Simon 'corecode' Schubert corecode at fs.ei.tum.de
Mon Sep 21 02:14:06 PDT 2009

Matthew Dillon wrote:
    We've found the issue with USB disk keys on 64-bit not working.  ACPI
    was not preloading properly.  And it is possible that the missing ACPI
    might also be responsible for the CD/DVD problems.
    I should have a new ISO and usb disk key image for 64-bit available for
    test in another day or two.  I don't have a binary diff though.
amd64 snapshots are already building.  I'm still smoothing out the 
infrastructure, but so far it is looking good.  If there is demand, we 
could look into binary diffs, but I doubt many people would use it.

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