amd64 2.4 livecd won't mount root at boot

Matthew Dillon dillon at
Fri Sep 18 17:36:01 PDT 2009

:I've got an x64 machine with an ich9 sata disk controller.  With the
:i386 live dvd, I can boot the live system all the way and perform an
:installation.  With x64, it will boot no further than trying to mount
:the rootfs from the live cd and will fail and drop me to the
:mountroot> prompt.  I then tried to manually mount each of the
:available devices and got nothing but error code 22.  I've attached
:the boot logs in order to help debug.  I did jump on IRC and talk to a
:few people but it boiled down to the suggestion to send a report to
:this address.  Thanks!

    Ok, after having a conversation on IRC Josh got the i386 gui dvd
    installed and working but we were not able to figure out why the
    64-bit CD ISO was unable to mount the CD root on his particular box.
    We have some ideas on the matter but no solution at the moment.

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