hammer crash on cleanups

Eugene dfuser at medcom.com.ua
Mon Sep 14 07:49:15 PDT 2009

Thank You for reply.

Simon 'corecode' Schubert wrote:
Redirecting to bugs@

Eugene wrote:
Hello All.
I've got a time-to-time reproducible panic while running cleanups on 
a mirror built with hammer mirror-stream.
I'm running a system built on -DEVELOPMENT sources from August, 9th 
(uses SILI device) and a 
Which kernel version are you running?  Please post a uname -a output.
Here it is:
DragonFly diana.medcom.com.ua 2.3.2-DEVELOPMENT DragonFly 
2.3.2-DEVELOPMENT #0: Sun Aug  9 16:51:26 GMT 2009     
root at diana.medcom.com.ua:/usr/obj/usr/src/sys/CUSTOM  i386

The system was upgraded from DragonFly 1.8-Release.
Also, please configure a dumpdev and capture a crash dump.
O.K. Now I have to wait a number of days to get panic again.

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