[issue1447] DragonFly doesn't boot on Sony Vaio

elekktretterr at exemail.com.au elekktretterr at exemail.com.au
Thu Nov 19 17:56:32 PST 2009

>     I don't know which specific patch you are referencing in that link
>     but I did commit the BTX boot loader real-mode changes to master.
>     Not sure if I MFC'd them to the release branch or not though.

I still think DragonFly needs GRUB. The fact that it is GPL licensed
probably discourages a lot of people but:

GRUB works on more hardware. Check
GRUB is easier to use. Check
GRUB is easier to configure. Check
GRUB will allow booting many more operating systems along side DragonFly.
GRUB community will give us upstream support with updates. Check

For once, the GPL vs BSD war should be put to bed, and we should use best
tools for the job.

My 2 cents.

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