panic: assertion: parent != NULL in hammer_cursor_removed_node (v2.5.1.187.gc1543-DEV, X86_64)

Matthew Dillon dillon at
Sun Nov 8 20:07:41 PST 2009

:    I'm thinking something like this (see below).  UNTESTED!  I will
:    start some tests up today.  It could panic instantly :-)

    I will have to run some additional tests.  Two issues came up but
    I'm not sure they are related to the patch or not.

    * I did a rm -rf of around 7 million files across a few tens of
      thousands of directories.  The rm -rf missed two files.  The symptom
      being it couldn't remove the directory it thought was empty but
      which was not empty.  ls -lR showed the directory as still
      containing files.

      A second rm -rf got rid of the files.  I don't know if this is
      patch-related or not, it could be a pre-existing bug that I just
      found.  Directory scans are based on 64-bit hash keys and should
      not lose their place regardless of whatever else is going on in
      the directory (like file deletions and creations).  It should not
      have missed the files.

    * I did a bulkbuild and had some odd build issues, but I will have
      to do a second bulkbuild to try to determine if it is related to
      HAMMER or just something going on with the bulkbuild.

      It only built around 3000 or so packages and got stuck somewhere
      along the way, but the screen output showed it had run through
      all 8000+ packages.


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