[issue1606] hack(6): fix old mis-merge

Ulrich Spoerlein (via DragonFly issue tracker) sinknull at leaf.dragonflybsd.org
Sun Nov 15 09:23:09 PST 2009

New submission from Ulrich Spoerlein <uqs at spoerlein.net>:

hack(6): fix very old mis-merge by restoring code from OpenBSD

If you look at the CVS history for this file, you will see that
the code in question tried to find the provided name in the path, not
just a fixed location (that could be coded more easily).

Restore the OpenBSD version of this code, which was cleaned up, already

files: hack.diff
messages: 7783
nosy: uqs
priority: cleanup
status: unread
title: hack(6): fix old mis-merge

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