[issue1325] ddb stops responding after resizing terminal window of vkernel

Matthew Dillon dillon at apollo.backplane.com
Sat Mar 28 22:06:59 PDT 2009

:> I get the same freeze.  It's looping in lwkt_send_ipiq3() inside this
:> while loop:
:>         while (ip->ip_windex - ip->ip_rindex > MAXCPUFIFO / 4) {
:>             KKASSERT(ip->ip_windex - ip->ip_rindex != MAXCPUFIFO - 1);
:>             lwkt_process_ipiq();
:>         }
:> I haven't yet tried Matt's debug patch.  I don't get the freeze
:> immediately only after the 8th time that read() in vconsgetc() is
:> interrupted.  I'm running in xterm.
:> Joe 
:In fact, I can reproduce it without resizing-terminal tricks:
:  su root -c 'for i in `jot 8 1`; do pkill -WINCH kernel; sleep 0.1; done'

    Excellent!  I added a print_backtrace() to that loop and reproduced
    the lockup with the kill -WINCH / sleep!  I found the problem!

    lwkt_send_ipiq3(202,3,4340758b,0,434071e4) at 0x80c1b84
    lwkt_send_ipiq3(40400000,8099f00,3,0,434003b0) at 0x80c1b84
    sched_ithd(3,2828d154,4340720c,821de14,3) at 0x8099eef
    signalintr(3,2,823bc1c,1,43407574) at 0x821858b
    cons_unlock(1c,0,43407228,2,821ddfc) at 0x821de14

    What is happening is that the SIGWINCH happens to hit a window where
    no critical section is being held.  That causes it to call
    sched_ithd() instead of flagging the interrupt for future action.
    sched_ithd() tries to send an IPI, but because the cpus have been
    stopped cold by the debugger the IPI never gets sent.  Once the
    IPI function FIFO fills up it goes into that loop waiting for
    the pending IPIs to be processed (which they never are because all
    the other cpus are stopped).

    The fix is very simple.  I need only adjust the DDB code to enter
    a critical section before it stops the cpus and exit it after it
    restarts the cpus.  I'll commit the fix tonight.

    Excellent sleuthing!

					Matthew Dillon 
					<dillon at backplane.com>

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