[issue1321] dma(8): portability fixes and extended functionality

Simon 'corecode' Schubert corecode at fs.ei.tum.de
Wed Mar 25 06:06:48 PDT 2009

Peter Pentchev (via DragonFly issue tracker) wrote:
First of all, thanks for writing and maintaining the DragonFly Mail Agent!  It's
a very good choice for a smarthost, relay-only setup.
What do you think about the attached couple of patches?  Some of them improve
portability to other OS's, others fix dma's behavior in some often-seen cases,
an yet others add some new functionality that I, at least, find useful when
using dma as a sendmail replacement :)
Hey Peter,

this is a big chunk of patches, so it will take some time to get them reviewed.  I can already see that there are a couple of them that are debian-specific, so we probably won't import those.  Thanks for your submission, this is very much appreciated.


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