[issue1310] can't mount HAMMER via NFS on linux

Jost Tobias Springenberg jspringe at uos.de
Tue Mar 10 09:15:18 PDT 2009


> I tried mounting a HAMMER pfs (null mounted) via NFS from Linux.
> Using NFSv3, the mountpoint reflects the correct owner/group and mode, but the
> directory is empty (0 items).

I can confirm that.

> Using NFSv2, the mountpoint is okay and directory contents appear, but doing a
> listing in some directories will leave "ls" on linux hanging.
I used NFSv2 as a workaround when I needed and it works flawlessly no ls hangs whatsoever

> Mounting the same pfs on DragonFly (same machine, using localhost) works.
Yep that works here too

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