[issue1292] dfly-2.2.0-REL: Installer Bug

Bill Hacker wbh at conducive.org
Fri Feb 20 08:28:22 PST 2009

M.K. wrote:
Just to clarify further, when I encountered the problem, I was trying to 
install to partition no. 3 which had dfly 2.0.1 on it.
First reaction is 'NFW that should have happened' - at least not as a 
result of disklabel mismatch, device ID, etc.

Second thought is:

Did you do an upgrade with the DFLY toolset, OR a newfs and from-scratch 
new install, or...

. .just install over top of the old system, with neither an 'upgrade' nor 
newfs - in which case, might there have been 'debris' - old files left 
in place?


Bill Hacker

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