2.2.1-REL Installer Request

Bill Hacker wbh at conducive.org
Thu Feb 19 22:47:45 PST 2009

M.K. wrote:
I would like the option (when installing a Hammer FS) to choose if I 
want to use PFS's or not, and if so, which directories I want to map to 

Thanks, MK
In at least one sense, you have such.

Not sure if you can do this by escaping to the CLI and skipping the 
steps below, but will try it later today.

Meanwhile, even if so, it might be easier to:

- Simply ignore or reserve adequate space on partitions, slices, 
separate devices, or any combination thereof.

- Do a minimal/full/intermediate install to UFS - not using the space 
set aside.

- After you have the full system with all its tools up and running, use 
the hammer utils to create and mount hammer partitions in the 
space/devices you reserved, and in the manner you prefer.

Thereafter, moving the system itself into hammer may or may not be on 
your radar.

CAVEAT: pfs and nullfs seem to very much have their uses. Omitting them 
is not necessarily the best thing.  OTOH, it is at least as easy to add 
them as to remove them. Especially if already populated..


Personally, I expect to reserve hammer mounts for client apps, R&D, 
backing store etc. on large media, and keep the 'system' on UFS in space 
too small for effective hammer use anyway.

My system areas - the '/' binaries, '/usr', '/var', have never needed 
much in the way of snapshots and the like.



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