[issue1277] panic: spin_lock: 0xc89c9578, indefinite wait!

Matthew Dillon dillon at apollo.backplane.com
Mon Feb 9 15:35:01 PST 2009

:New submission from Thomas Nikolajsen <thomas.nikolajsen at mail.dk>:
:Using HEAD from Feb 1, 2009 I got
:temporary freeze, ~1 minute, and then panic.
:This SMP (w/ APIC_IO) kernel on UP host.
:Freeze happens when accessing file with UFS filesystem
:(for vkernel), just after output when fsck finishes:
:vnconfig -cs labels vn0 FILE
:fsck -y FILE
:mount /dev/vn0s0a /mnt
:I have seen this panic a few times;
:not every time script w/ commands run.
:Crash dump uploaded to leaf as *.41.
: -thomas

    Try fscking through the vn device.  fsck /dev/vn0s0a.  I can't
    imagine it would be happy if you were to fsck the file.


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