A Holiday Message from Stevie Wonder - UN Messenger of Peace

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Holiday Greetings From  United
Nations Messenger of Peace, Stevie Wonder

Stevie Wonder was
officially recognized recently by The United Nations as a Messenger of
Peace. His inspirational anthem "All About The Love Again" received
recognition with a Grammy nomination.

For Immediate Release
Dec 28, 2009 - Stevie Wonder recently joined
the prestigious roster of United Nations Messengers of Peace to advocate
for the Organization's work, with the artist - blind since birth -
championing people with disabilities.   In related news,
Wonder's recent release, the inspirational anthem "All About The Love
Again" was recognized by The Recording Academy with a Grammy®
nomination in the Best Pop Male Vocal category. Stevie Wonder has been
awarded the most Grammy® Awards for a Male Artist in history. 
 "Our newest Messenger of Peace is someone who is admired by millions
of people and has given back to millions of people," Secretary-General Ban
Ki-moon said. "Stevie Wonder's activism has been pivotal in US and world
events," the UN noted, citing the 1983 campaign he spearheaded to make
Martin Luther King Day a national holiday in the US, and his advocacy for
ending apartheid in South Africa.   Wonder's career as a
recording artist has reflected his concern with humanitarian issues. He has
written, produced and/or performed songs relative to charities in support
of disabilities, AIDS, cancer, diabetes, hunger and homelessness, domestic
abuse and many other causes on behalf of children and adults.

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