free(): error: ifree: junk pointer, too high to make sense

justin at justin at
Sun Dec 13 20:06:59 PST 2009

When rebuilding the wiki on, the perl interpreter
dies while rebuilding all the ikiwiki pages, with:

building smileys.mdwn
building post-commit.mdwn
building news.mdwn
perl: (0x29a30180)
perl in free(): error: ifree: junk pointer, too high to make sensegmake:
*** [docwiki] Abort trap (core dumped)

This doesn't seem to happen immediately, just after building a number of
pages.  I think this error's been there for a while, it just takes
rebuilding more than a few pages to trigger it.  For example, rebuilding
individual pages has been working, but the RecentChanges page hasn't been
getting updated.  I think it's halting after building the target page but
before updating the RecentChanges one.

In any case, I did a 'bmake update' and because of this failure, pkgsrc
happily refuses to reinstall ikiwiki after deleting it.  So, edits aren't
possible right now.

I'm going to rebuild all the different perl modules there as dependencies;
this may be related to an upgrade a while back.

Core is in /usr/obj/pkgsrc/www/ikiwiki/work/ikiwiki/perl.core if that's

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