[issue1336] Still looking for reports of missed directory entries w/ HAMMER

Matthew Dillon dillon at apollo.backplane.com
Wed Apr 22 15:51:39 PDT 2009

    Ok, I still haven't managed to trigger either issue but I've done
    considerable reformulating of HAMMER's merged search code and
    added some kprintf()'s to try to solve particular situations.

    There is a risk in using this patch, so beware of that.  I haven't
    blown up my test box with it but neither was I able to hit any of
    the kprintf()'s or related code paths that try to solve what I
    believe the issue to be.

    Perhaps you can cause some of these special situations to occur and
    produce kprintf output and/or test to see if further issues arise
    (or new issues, or the machine panics from something in the patch).

	fetch http://apollo.backplane.com/DFlyMisc/hammer01.patch


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