Still looking for reports of missed directory entries w/ HAMMER

Neil Booth neil at
Sat Apr 18 18:07:54 PDT 2009

Hi Matt,

First, thanks for Hammer.  This is an awesome piece of work.

I normally use NetBSD, but was drawn to install Dragonfly on a new
machine to try out Hammer.  I installed yesterday for the first
time.  I think I hit this directory entry thing twice yesterday,
the first time I dismissed it as "I must have done something wrong",
but the second time I went slower and it was unmistakeable.  I've
just found this thread on the net; let me describe what I did
which is perhaps a little unusual.

I checked /usr/pkgsrc out of cvs.  When I want to install a package;
I can rarely remember which category a package is in, I do:

$ cvs /usr/pkgsrc
$ cd */mplayer     [I think this wildcard is key; bash is the shell]
$ sudo bmake install

mplayer was the second time I had this happen to me; I cannot remember
which package I was trying to install first time.

Now the bmake command failed with "don't know how to make install".
Sure enough, the directory had only two files in it and neither
was a Makefile so thinking something went wrong with my original
cvs checkout the I did "sudo cvs up".  I can't remember what the
two files were (but I think they were the same both times this
happened), but because cvs didn't fail, CVS must have been a
subdirectory.  cvs was quiet; nothing updated.  So thinking something
was corrupted I did "cd .." "rm -r mplayer" "sudo cvs up".  And
again, all commands succeeded quietly, cvs did nothing, and
the mplayer directory I had just removed wasn't recreated.

This is when I noticed I was in "/usr/pkgsrc/audio".  I went back
to /usr/pkgsrc and did "cd */mplayer" and this time I was in
/usr/pkgsrc/multimedia/mplayer, which had a fully intact and usable
directory.  The first "cd */mplayer" had taken me to a non-existent
place called "/usr/pkgsrc/audio/mplayer" with just one or two files
in it.

I hope something is useful to salvage from this, and sorry it's a
bit vague.  I've only had an issue in interactive use.  i.e. of
the 250 packages I build yesterday, bmake never got confused by
the filesystem like this, but then it doesn't use wildcards.  Apart
from my own fumbling with /usr/pkgsrc above, there has been nothing
else amiss about the FS or the machine.


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