[issue1144] Incorrect clock under KVM

Michel Salim sinknull at crater.dragonflybsd.org
Wed Oct 1 07:55:16 PDT 2008

Michel Salim <salimma at fedoraproject.org> added the comment:

Tried tzsetup. Telling DFly that the system clock is either UTC or localtime
does not change the reported time at all. On booting the live CD, if I log in as
root, the clock is off by the same offset (+ 4 hours from the correct GMT time)
as after installation, when it's + 4 hours to the correct EST/EDT time.

Might be a qemu/KVM problem, actually. I'll install DFly on a real partition in
a couple of days to get a feel of how tzsetup is supposed to behave -- just want
to mention that FreeBSD on KVM behaves perfectly fine -- apart from the infamous
qemu clock drift.

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