panic during network install

Justin C. Sherrill justin at
Tue Oct 7 19:45:26 PDT 2008

This was during the cpdup of a network install to a Sony PCG-R505EL:

(various lines of cpdup output, leading to...)
| /mnt/usr/include/c++/4.1/bits/valarray_before.h copy-ok
panic: vm_fault: unrecoverable fault at 0xca30a000 in entry 0xc065b060
Trace beginning at frame 0xcada797c
panic(cada79a0,cada798c,cada79cc,cada79ec,cada79fc) at panic+0x8c
panic(c057d1c4,ca30a000,c065b060,1000001,5f5e080) at panic+0x8c
wm_Fault(c06577c0,ca30a000,1,0.,ca30aea0) at vm_fault+0xe2
trap_pfault(a,c127a410,c974d218,c061d760,0) at trap_pfault+0x104
trap(cada7070) at trap+0x3bf
calltrap() at calltrap+0xd
--- trap 0, eip = 0, esp = 0xcada7ab4, ebp = 0xca30aea0 ---
panic: vm_fault: unrecoverable fault at 0xca30a000 in entry 0xc065b060
Stopped at     Debugger+0x34:  movb   $0,in_Debugger.3949

This has happened twice at the same point, during a cpdup.  The original
owner of this laptop said that it just stopped working one day, and
previously booted with the old operating system complaining about a
corrupt file.  That, combined with the fact that it was during a cpdup,
makes me suspect the drive is broken and hitting the bad part is what
kills the install.

Anyone have a copy of the manual for one of these?  I've had a heck of a
time trying to crack it open far enough to get to the drive.

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