atimes of binaries not properly updated

Dionysus Blazakis dion.blazakis at
Sun May 25 20:43:26 PDT 2008

On Fri, May 23, 2008 at 7:16 PM, Matthew Dillon
<dillon at> wrote:
> :The issue is that FSCRED and NOCRED are checked in the kern_prot.c
> :helper functions, but the vnops functions in the various file systems
> :dereference the struct ucred pointers without checking for a
> :NULL(NOCRED) or 0xFFFFFFFF(FSCRED) pointers.  So what is the ideal
> :solution?  Should the ucred API be extended in kern_prot to do the uid
> :check that the file systems do (while taking into account NOCRED and
> :
> :And I thought this was such a simple patch ;)
> :
> :-- Dion
>    No, I would not change the API.
>    There are three 'real' creds available that can be used.  First, there
>    is the current process cred.  Second, there is the cred stored with
>    the file pointer (struct file -> f_cred), and third there is the
>    cred associated with the proc0 (proc0.p_ucred).

Ah.  I suppose the proc0 cred would be the one to use when no process
context is available,  at least, that's how it is done when
initializing f_cred.

>    After looking at your patch I think we actually should avoid using
>    SETATTR to update the atime.  That is a very active and expensive VOP
>    and kinda messes up the critical path.
>    If we want to update the atime from exec*() and from mmap() we should
>    have access to the cred in the file pointer.  What I would then do is
>    actually create a new VOP op and let the filesystem do whatever internal
>    actions it feels is reasonable to do the update.  So, e.g. we would
>    implement a new VOP called, say, VOP_SIGNAL_ACCESS(vp, cred) (maybe you
>    can come up with a better name), with a default operation which is just
>    a NOP.  UFS and HAMMER would then implement that VOP (the only two
>    filesystems we really care about insofar as atime goes), allowing them
>    to optimize the operation.
>    Our exec and mmap code would then call the VOP.
>    How does that sound for a plan?

Sound good to me.  Pretty much what FBSD does. I just wasn't sure if
adding another VOP was the way to go -- I didn't realize the setattr
was expensive.  It would explain their choice.

Also, I was thinking about how to add a helper function for chmod
setattr code, but it seems you've already done it ;)

-- Dion

>                                        -Matt
>                                        Matthew Dillon
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