[issue947] Kernel panic during boot in usb_add_task

Cristi Măgheruşan sinknull at crater.dragonflybsd.org
Sun May 25 11:41:31 PDT 2008

Cristi Măgheruşan <cristi.magherusan at net.utcluj.ro> added the comment:


I also have a HP 6710b laptop, and when I first got this panic I started hunting
for devices, and I noticed that the crash is triggered only when the bluetooth
adapter is enabled in BIOS and when it is already started at boot time, so I
disabled it from BIOS as a workaround.
I'm going to re-enable it and see if it works.

Thanks for the fix and huge amounts of beer to the one who did it ;)


status: resolved -> chatting

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