File system panic on recent HEAD

Matthias Schmidt matthias at
Thu May 22 01:22:37 PDT 2008

* Matthew Dillon wrote:
>     Another possibility is that fsck is not able to repair the problem.
>     Try completely wiping the filesystem by re-newfs'ing it maybe?
>     If THAT doesn't work then we've wiped out any chance of it being the
>     only currently known UFS bug and something in the package build you
>     are running is tweaking another bug.

I'm out of office for the next 5 days, so no chance to newfs the
filesystem.  Within the 5 days most of the pkgsrc packages should be
ready, so I can safely erase the partition.  With a proper backup it
doesn't matter if I install HAMMER or UFS ...  Will see when I'm back :)



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