em(4) hardware error after ACPI suspend

Matthias Schmidt matthias at dragonflybsd.org
Sun Jan 27 05:35:23 PST 2008


* Johannes Hofmann wrote:
> Hi,
> don't want to discourage you, but I've given up on suspend/resume on
> my T42p. And I don't even miss it :-)
> It basically works, but then there are tons of minor issues.

Yeah, thats right, but I'll continue to use it anyway.  Unloading ath(4)
and usb works find and due to the fact that I use wireless LAN most of
the time I can live with that em(4) issue.  And how knows, maybe someone
fixes it someday :)

> Now I use hw.acpi.lid_switch_state=S5 to shutdown when I close the lid
> and booting is pretty fast anyway.

That would be my second choice :)



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