panic: pmap_page_protect: illegal for unmanaged page

Matthew Dillon dillon at
Sat Jan 12 17:06:29 PST 2008

:Well, turned out it was my fault.  mmap_ops carries a_result as page frame number, not as byte offset.  I think that should be changed, but I have the feeling that you only recently changed this in the other way?  Using byte offsets would be easier to reason about, tho.
:  simon

    mmap_ops?  Do you mean dev_ops/d_mmap ?    Hmm... yah, looking at the
    BKTR driver it looks like it's returning a page number rather then a
    physical address.

    I would personally prefer a physical address, and we could make that
    change fairly easily.  There are only a few drivers that actually
    use the feature and all the device pager does is convert it back
    to a physical address anyhow :-)


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