Test on IBAA

Robin Carey robin_carey5 at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Jan 30 01:34:10 PST 2008

Hi Matt,

I ran the test I was planning to make on IBAA and it
shows that there is a problem; the first round of
output from the generator leaks the internal state
(perhaps even in subsequent rounds).

You can run the test yourself from my home directory
on LEAF:


What I would recommend is that after initialisation
(after the generator has been seeded from the
"entropy" file - the seeding method that you added),
the generator is warmed up as described in:


I would recommend that the generator is warmed up by
making 10 (ten) calls to IBAA_Call () (as described in
the above URL). This has the effect of discarding the
output of the generator for the first ten
rounds/calls, and thereby eliminating the
internal-state leakage produced by the first

R Carey.

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