Recommended minor alteration to the L15 algorithm.

Robin Carey robin_carey5 at
Sat Jan 26 09:52:47 PST 2008

Recommended minor alteration to the L15 algorithm in
DragonFly's /dev/[u]random random number generator:

I recommend that you alter your C implementation of my
L15 algorithm as per the description:

So that the "y" state index is initialised to be
(stateSize - 1)/255 instead of 0.

"y" as in "x", "z".

PS I have another pending bug report RE a possible
weakness in IBAA-/dev/random. At the moment I don't
have a BSD box to run any tests, but I hope to have
one relatively soon, so when I get that I will install
the next release of DragonFly due out February/March
and run some tests myself.

R Carey.

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