Reading DVD video broken in recent current

Steve O'Hara-Smith steve at
Fri Jan 11 04:44:04 PST 2008


	I switched to current (7 Jan) from preview to try the new dri. Now
when I try to watch a DVD video (or read it in any way) the process reading
the DVD locks and I get errors like this in the log:

Jan 10 20:17:50 df1 kernel: ata0: FAILURE - non aligned DMA transfer
attempted Jan 10 20:17:50 df1 kernel: acd0: setting up DMA failed

	Possibly related - atacontrol doesn't seem to work

atacontrol list - just hangs

atacontrol mode 0 - gives

atacontrol: ioctl(ATAGMODE): Inappropriate ioctl for device

	I was about to add that burning and mounting data discs works fine
when I noticed that these use /dev/cd0 not /dev/acd0, which led me to
discover that watching DVDs from /dev/cd0 works fine.

	I am using nata, which has worked fine before now.

	Hardware is an ASUS A8V motherboard - DVD drives are both LiteOn
(LH-20A1P and SOHD-167T) UDMA33. The SATA hard disc works fine.

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