panic: assertion: layer2->zone == zone in hammer_blockmap_free

Matthew Dillon dillon at
Sat Aug 2 21:12:14 PDT 2008

:G------ ELM 14 R obj=0000000000000001 key=0000000000000000 
:                 ctime=0004525a5174d38a pobjid=0000000000000000 obj_type=1
:G------ ELM 15 R obj=0000000000000001 key=0000000000000000
:                 ctime=0004525b5cd8b43f pobjid=0000000000000000 obj_type=1
:G------ ELM 22 R obj=0000000107e44a04 key=0000000000000000
:                 ctime=0004525b4031d815 pobjid=0000000000000001 obj_type=2
:G------ ELM 23 R obj=0000000107e44a05 key=0000000000000000
:                 ctime=0004525b40e6eaf6 pobjid=0000000000000001 obj_type=7
:    The converted ctimes are:
:    Fri Jul 18 23:09:33 2008
:    Sat Jul 19 00:24:20 2008
:    Sat Jul 19 00:16:19 2008
:    Sat Jul 19 00:16:31 2008

   Let me rephrase that a little.  The first two are PFS root inodes
   for PFS #2 (one deleted, the other current).

   The third is a regular file (obj_type=2). 

   The fourth is a softlink    (obj_type=7).

   The link count for the regular file is 2, but I couldn't find any
   directory entries pointing at it.  I'll bet that was related to
   the cross link issue.  The link count for the softlink is 1, and
   I couldn't find a directory entry for it either.

   I'll know for sure once I cross reference the text dump to see
   if any other blockmap entries are wrong.

					Matthew Dillon 
					<dillon at>

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