A new bug

Petr Janda elekktretterr at exemail.com.au
Sun Sep 30 16:21:32 PDT 2007

Hi Matt,

>     Can you do a 'trace' from the ddb> prompt ?  That might give us enough
>     information to track it down.  Plus the panic message itself and fault
>     address info.
>     Sometimes it's easier just to take a digital photo of your screen
> instead of writing it all down :-)

What if the content of the trace is bigger than my screen and i cannot fit it 
into the shot? Is there such thing as "scroll up" so i can see the whole 
trace and not just last 15 lines of it?

>     When did this start happening?  Any particular version or date when you
>     updated your sources and it began happening ?

I've got 2 hard drives. One with / /usr /var/ home etc on it and the other 
mounting to /home/petr/data which is just one 80gb partition. it seems to 
happen only when downloading to ~/data

must have begun about a month ago when i  came back from 2 months vacation and 
updated to latest -devel.

1) What could be causing the inability to dump the vmcore?
2) Would it be hard to implement FreeBSD's option DDB_UNATTENDED? I think it 
would be a very nice thing to have for us who also run DF servers in a remote 
location with DDB compiled in the kernel.


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