page fault during boot on latest -HEAD - trace.jpg (0/1)

Jörg Anslik joerg at
Wed Oct 3 07:28:29 PDT 2007


>    Hmm.  Can you boot into single-user mode and set the dump device
>    manually?  Then exit out of the single-user shell to complete a
>    normal boot and hopefully get a kernel core dump out of it.

The dump device is set to use the swap partition on my machine, but it
doesn't do the trick, since no dump is saved at all. I tried some
different approaches from single user mode, but with no success.

All I can give you is the short DDB trace output that reads:

strlen(6,d2434a88,c03ea780,c01d5d19,c0312144) at strlen+0x8
iconv_sysctl_drvlist(c03ea5e0,0,0,d5450bf8,d5450bf8) at
sysctl_root(d5450bf8,d5450c2c,4,d5450bf8,0) at sysctl_root+0x10b
userland_sysctl(d5450c80,3,0,bfbfeca0,0) at userland_sysctl+0x104
sys___sysctl(d5450cf0,d5450d00,18,0,6) at sys___sysctl+0x03
syscall2(d5450d40) at syscall2+0x20c
Xint0x80_syscall() at Xint0x80_syscall+0x35

. ..that's all I can get out of it -- I hope I got everything right
since I had to transfer the output manually into this message. I
attached the "screenshot" I've taken with my mobile's camera, but it's
even worse than page fault itself.

Enjoy the show


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