Can't burn in K3B anymore after the /dev changes

Matthew Dillon dillon at
Thu May 31 11:01:14 PDT 2007

:Petr Janda wrote:
:> I used to use /dev/cd0c to burn stuff via k3b. Now, even though i can=20
:> still mount cd0c, k3b now says that it cannot find a burning device in =
:> cd0c :S.
:tried cd0?

    There is no cd0.  Just cd0a and cd0c, marked as the compatibility slice.
    I wanted to make thses cd0s0a and cd0s0c but I didn't want to try to
    fix all the boot code yet.

    We may have to make a cd0 for burning purposes.  I will throw a CD-R
    drive into my test box and check it out.


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