acpi module failing to load in 1.9.0 preview #4?

David Murray dave at
Tue May 29 10:52:31 PDT 2007

On 29/5/07 3:42 pm, YONETANI Tomokazu wrote:

On Tue, May 29, 2007 at 12:28:43PM +0200, Simon 'corecode' Schubert wrote:
YONETANI Tomokazu wrote:
But a question remains: why the asm code can't see a static variable 
with initializer only when it's compiled with GCC4.1?
I just tried with the initializer and gcc41 and I can not reproduce 
this problem. Can we get some more data points?
I think I managed to reproduce this with a smaller code, if OP has -O2 
in his CFLAG
Yes, I've got -O2 in CFLAGS and the ACPI module was indeed compiled with 
this.  (I've got -O only in COPTFLAGS, but it looks like that just gets 
used for the kernel, not modules.)

I did try rebuilding just the ACPI module with GCC 3.4, but that didn't 
make the problem go away, suggesting maybe the issue is in the kernel 
loader, not the module.  I didn't try re-building the kernel (that takes 
a bit longer :-)) but can try if it's useful.

Dave Murray

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