Missing man-pages for pkgsrc

Sascha Wildner saw at online.de
Sat May 12 10:58:08 PDT 2007

Erik Wikström wrote:
There ought to be some page for pkgsrc, since that is probably the first 
a new user will try when he/she wants to find out something about 
pkgsrc. NetBSD gives you packages(7), we might want to do that also or 
just refer to pkgsrc.txt.
You should get packages(7) with the bootstrap AFACT.

Alos there is no man-page for mk.conf, might the one from NetBSD be 
usable for us?
IMO the pkgsrc.7 -> packages.7 link and the mk.conf manpage should be 
part of the bootstrap so that not each system that uses pkgsrc have to 
provide their own.

I've Cc'd Jeremy Reed, maybe he has some more insight on whether this 
could be added to the bootstrap.



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