Installer bug in ISO 1.9.0-DEVELOPMENT(20070530)

M.K. mk at
Wed May 30 09:04:34 PDT 2007

Installer Bug occurs after "Create Subpartitions" section (after I click 
"Accept and Create").

<Installer Error>
Command Failed!
Execution of the command
/sbin/disklabel -r ad0s2
FAILED with a return code of 1.
<View Log>
,-<<< Executing `/sbin/disklabel -r ad0s2
| partition c: partition extends past end of unit
| Warning, partition c doesn't start at 0!
| Warning, An incorrect partition c may cause problems for standard 
system utilities
`->>> Exit status: 1

NOTE 1.: This bug occurs when I select "Use Entire Disk" and also when I 
select "Use Part of Disk (with Win2k in partition 1 & empty FreeBSD(a5) 
partition 2 <selected>).

NOTE 2.: This bug DID NOT occur in that last PREVIEW(20070510) ISO or 
the last RELEASE(1.8.1) ISO.

NOTE 3.: My Bios Disk Geometry 240H 63S 5169C


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