Problems with gVim

walt wa1ter at
Wed May 2 17:39:58 PDT 2007

Antonio Huete wrote:
I use to work with gvim in some cases where I find it easier to use. When
trying to open a file I realized that gVim vanished. Finally, I got this
GThread-ERROR **: file gthread-posix.c: line 140 (): error 'Invalid
argument' during 'pthread_getschedparam (pthread_self(), &policy, &sched)'
Vim: Caught deadly signal ABRT
Vim: Finished.
Is this related with the recent threading model update? And what's more
important, does it reveal a bug? thanks
It would be useful to know which version of DragonFly you use.  Did you
compile gvim yourself or is it a binary package?

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