double fault when nullmounting

Matthew Dillon dillon at
Mon Jul 30 15:08:45 PDT 2007

:server:/pbulk on /pbulk	nfs
:/dev/ad6s1b on /pbulk2	ufs
:/pbulk2/root on /pbulk/root	null
:/pbulk2/clients on /pbulk/clients	null
:/pbulk/root on /pbulk/clients/subdir/root	null,ro
:/pbulk/clients/subdir/var on /pbulk/clients/subdir/root/var	null
:/pbulk/clients/subdir/tmp on /pbulk/clients/subdir/root/tmp	null
:/pbulk/clients/subdir/dev on /pbulk/clients/subdir/root/dev	null
:/pbulk/clients/subdir/usr.pkg on /pbulk/clients/subdir/root/usr/pkg	null

    Do you still have the shell script?

    Also clarification:  The panic occured while you were doing the mounts,
    not while it was doing a build or running utilities or other things
    inside the mounts?


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