[issue563] strange bug with USB hdd

Alexander Shiryaev sinknull at crater.dragonflybsd.org
Fri Jul 20 04:41:51 PDT 2007

Alexander Shiryaev <coumarin at gmail.com> added the comment:

Yes, I can reproduce bug in -DEVEL (10 Jul 2007). But I can not understand, it
is the same bug or not.

Condition for 100% bug reproducibility:

1. System installed to USB HDD (USB box vendor 0x05e3) and booted from it. USB
box connected to right USB slot of Dell Latitude X1 laptop.

2. USB box JMicron connected to left USB slot, file system UFS created and
mounted to /mnt.

3. cp -R /home/dcvs /mnt process started.

There is kernel panic "vm_fault: unrecoverable fault at 0x**** in entry 0x****"
or many "bad block ****, ino ****" messages after 2-15 minutes.

There is no errors in FreeBSD 6.2 and in OpenBSD 4.1 (some hours were tested),
except for 1 occurrence in OpenBSD (after many hours of endless loop "mv
/home/dcvs /mnt; mv /mnt /home/dcvs"):

sd0(umass0:1:0): Check Condition (error 0x70) on opcode 0x28
    SENSE KEY: Hardware Error
     ASC/ASCQ: Data Phase Error

and cp process was terminated with message: Input/Output error.

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