system freeze on "slice too large"

Chris Turner c.turner at
Mon Jul 16 03:59:13 PDT 2007

Matthew Dillon wrote:

>     I'm getting close to just throwing vinum away.  It makes so many bad
>     assumptions about EVERYTHING I'm getting seriously pissed at it.

I didn't see that reaction coming :)

>     Try specifying an actual partition being used as a vinum drive and
>     don't use the auto-start feature.  When I do that, e.g. when I
>     do 'vinum read /dev/vn0s0d' on my test disk, it finds the saved
>     configuration.

Confirming this works for a striped (raid0) setup using:

'vinum read /dev/ad1 /dev/ad3'

Using particular slices / partitions did not work.
This is the same configuration as before, with ad[13]s1a as a 'vinum'
partition across the whole disk, I tried '/dev/ad[13]s1' and

I'd initally just read one disk in at a time, leaving the stripe in
'flaky' state.

This persisted across reboots until I did a

'vinum setdaemon 1; vinum setstate up ...; vinum saveconfig'

to get things back, which held held across reboots as well,
so saving the configuration, etc back to the disk seems ok.
as I mentioned my schedule will prevent testing for a while -
my apologies. Current state 'works for me' for the time being
since I don't have a vinum root machine.

>     So far the only 'slice too large' errors I've gotten occur when I
>     try to do 'vinum start'.  I think it is related to vinum's insistance
>     on rolling its own everything.  It constructs device numbers right out
>     of the blue and then tries to use them.

I've not gotten a chance to read the code yet.. do you see any other
problems with it, aside from the disk assumptions & general 'bit rot' /
need for TLC?

For some reason I like it,
although perhaps I just like saying the word 'vinum' .. hmm.

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