Inspiron 9400 freezes when enabling bfe0

Matthew Dillon dillon at
Wed Jul 11 15:17:46 PDT 2007

:I just got me a brand new Dell Inspiron 9400 Notebook, Intel Dual
:Core. I installed 1.9-Devel without problems, but noticed the keyboard
:rsp. console freezes with ACPI enabled.
:Not a big deal, though, booting without ACPI enabled does the trick,
:but what really bothers me: when I try to" ifconfig UP" the internal
:network card (Broadcom Chipset), the whole system freezes immediately.
:The same holds true after starting dhclient; in fact, any attempt to
:UP bfe0 causes a freeze.
:I admit I was too lazy to check this group if this is a known issue,
:so if it is, maybe somebody can point me in the right direction. As
:far as I glanced through the topics, I believe it might be related to
:interrupt routing...?
:I flashed the Notbook with the latest available BIOS (A09), but still
:everything freezes as soon as the network card gets involved (tried
:1.9-Devel & 1.8.1-REL).
:Anyway, if this is not a known issue, I can provide any dump files
:that might help solve this annoying problem, just let me know what you
:need & what else I can do/try.
:Thanx in advance
:P.S. I tried the whole common variety of things-to-try, like disabling
:dual-core in BIOS, etc. without success.

    Hmm.  We don't have polling support in that driver or I'd suggest
    trying to run it in polling mode.

    Try an SMP build without APIC_IO.

    Have you tried the FreeBSD livecd to see if FreeBSD can operate the
    network interface?

    This might require some significant debugging to figure out.  A
    complete freeze is either an interrupt storm (which is unlikely
    since we have code to detect storms), or a code loop in the driver,
    or a bus deadlock or bus fatal error due to improper programming of
    the device.  Sprinkling a bunch of kprintf()'s in the device code
    paths might help narrow down the issue, and comparing the driver
    against the driver in FreeBSD might yield fixes or other issues
    that we need to apply.

					Matthew Dillon 
					<dillon at>

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