[issue717] panic: assertion: msg->ms_flags & MSGF_INTRANSIT

Matthew Dillon dillon at apollo.backplane.com
Wed Jul 4 16:18:57 PDT 2007

:Well that was quick:
:panic: assertion: (msg->ms_flags & (MSGF_DONE|MSGF_QUEUED|MSGF_INTRANSIT)) =
:=3D=3D 0 in lwkt_thread_replyport

    Doh!  And there's a bug in netmsg_so_notify_abort() right there in 
    plain sight.  MSGF_DONE is not set until the message reaches the
    target cpu, so there is a window of opportunity where the conditional
    in netmsg_so_notify_abort() will try to reply the message twice.

    I'll get that fixed in a sec and we'll see whether it was responsible
    for all your problems or not.


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