[issue730] Latest DEVEL still reflects old pkg_* paths

Adrian Michael Nida sinknull at crater.dragonflybsd.org
Fri Jul 13 21:41:57 PDT 2007

New submission from Adrian Michael Nida <nida at musc.edu>:

Installed the below at 2007-07-13 ~ 23:00:00 EDT.


While installing extra packages, notice the pkg_create function fails with a 
127 error code.  Notice that the installer is trying to execute /usr/sbin/
pkg_create instead of /usr/pkg/sbin/pkg_create.  Examine code for bsdinstaller 
and noted that corrected paths were added to installer code (src/backend/
installer/conf/cmdnames.conf) back in January (http://cvs.bsdinstaller.org/cgi-

After not being able to wake anyone in IRC, I decide to file this bug report in 
the hopes that the build machine creating the Latest DEVEL can be updated, or I 
can be told how to fix it for myself.

messages: 3262
nosy: LabThug
priority: critical
status: unread
title: Latest DEVEL still reflects old pkg_* paths

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