1.8-RELEASE panic, a. k. a. here ya go, Matt

walt wa1ter at myrealbox.com
Mon Jan 29 07:07:43 PST 2007

On Sun, 28 Jan 2007, Matthew Dillon wrote:

> :Not sure what triggers this, the machine was under a heavy load (adding music metadata to mysql, downloading with rtorrent, playing music).
> :Here are the pictures (panic and trace) with the tar'd kernel dump:
> :
> :http://rnrdoctor.sytes.net/~szg/dfcrash/20070126/

>     Fixed.  It was a sanity check assertion in the kernel code.  SMBFS
>     was returning a non-NULL vnode on error.

I was hoping this would also fix my mount_smbfs panic but, sorry to
say, it didn't :o(

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