DEV 12/30 Boot fail

lvpoker lvpoker at
Tue Jan 9 15:44:11 PST 2007

A follow up.

Setting the BIOS to "Legacy" SATA settings allowed DFB to bootup a
little further but giving more error messages. Then disabling ACPI
when booting DF got DF to fully boot.

The default BIOS setting of "Normal" allows for better speed but
seems to map the IDE/SATA devices as SCSI. "Legacy" setting puts them
back as straight IDE. Or something.

I got this hint reading Pupply Linux forums. I have d/l'ed a few
LiveCD lately and about half of them booted and half didn't. For the
ones that didn't (like Puppy) I went searching in their forums.
Apparently some linux distros are able to handle the latest chipsets
without change, others aren't. Like DF.

Scott N

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