Single user mode keyboard garbage and unexpected softupdate inconsistency

Petr Janda elekktretterr at
Thu Jan 4 14:05:50 PST 2007

Ive been encountering a strange bug. When I get to single user mode and 
when it asks about hitting enter to choose /bin/sh as shell, upon 
hitting enter i get garbage on  the screen, this is not just the enter 
key but all keys including Esc produce different garbage making the 
single user mode utterly useless.

My keyboard is:

ukbd0: Logitech USB Receiver, rev 1.10/30.07, addr 3, iclass 3/1
kbd1 at ukbd0
Another problem ive been encountering is how often unexpected softupdate 
inconsistency happens. For some reason it always happens on /tmp (1gb 
large) during the "pull-the-plug" test. all other have consistent 


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