No Audio CD sound, but sound card works.

Hasso Tepper hasso at
Mon Dec 17 20:02:39 PST 2007

On Tuesday 18 December 2007 Chris Turner wrote:
> I'd like to point out there are 2 ways to play cd audio on PC's
> (and probably the same goes other platforms too)
> 1. via an analog audio cable connected from the ad converters of a
>     redbook compatible cd-rom drive to some analog mixer input on
>     the sound card (think like a computer controlled hi-fi)
> 2. By reading audio tracks from the cd via the CD-ROM (i.e. yellow
> book) interface bus, buffering and converting appropriately, and
> sending this to the sound card's dsp inputs
>     (typically through some kind of expansion bus, like ISA or PCI)
> I'm not an expert on cdcontrol or what program you are using in KDE,
> but based on a quick scan of /usr.sbin/cdcontrol/cdcontrol.c, it seems
> like this program is designed to do #1, and perhaps the laptop hardware
> doesn't support it, as most media players are capable of and use by
> default #2 these days (for example IIRC windows media switched to #2
> with XP, etc)

The same is true for KDE CD player - kscd. It doesn't support direct
digital playback of CD's.


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