Simon 'corecode' Schubert corecode at
Mon Dec 17 14:50:31 PST 2007

walt wrote:
> I just did a build/installworld and I notice that the date on my
> /usr/libexec/ is Nov 27, not today.  Everything else
> in /usr/libexec is dated today, and the newly-compiled version
> in /usr/obj/ is also dated today.  The dated Nov 27
> has the schg flag set, which I believe is proper, yes?
> So, I'm assuming that is not getting updated now
> during installworld.  Anyone else running HEAD see the same?

I think this is due to installworld being extra careful when updating
this file.  It will probably only update the file when it changed, but
I'm just guessing - I didn't run a buildworld in some weeks.


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