No Audio CD sound, but sound card works.

Petr Janda elekktretterr at
Mon Dec 17 06:31:41 PST 2007

> How is this a dilemma?  Does CD sound work else?  Is your CD drive
> connected to the sound card via a dedicated wire?

This is a laptop. Audio CD sound doesn't work at all, all other sounds work.

> First, this is not as simple as you might think it is.  We basically
> need a devfs before we can do this.  Second, it already works.  Just
> point your different players to /dev/dsp0.1 /dev/dsp0.2 etc.  We even
> have separate volume controls for these virtual channels.

I'm aware of this. But some applications don't allow to set audio output 
device, and with the first channel being used by KDE's sounds (i believe), it 
just becomes hassle.

I could provide a small donation, around 50 euros. Obviously not for the work 
itself as its not enough, but rather for a sign of good will to anyone who 
can pick this up. We all need DragonFly moving forward :) 

Perhaps we should set up a donation system on the website?

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