[issue871] gtk2 related: X mouse pointer jumps and sticks to top left corner

Joe "Floid" Kanowitz sinknull at crater.dragonflybsd.org
Fri Dec 7 00:28:01 PST 2007

Joe "Floid" Kanowitz <jkanowitz at snet.net> added the comment:

Mixed results!  gdm and twm still work, Metacity seems happy with the patch
(though I should let it go longer), but Firefox or gnome-session now freeze
everything -- no response to ping -- instantly, instead of killing the mouse but
otherwise working.

Still using an Athlon 64 3800+ x2 with a SMP kernel if that matters.

It does feel like it cured a subtle (thought the switch might have gotten
corroded from disuse) glitch where clicks were occasionally not registering

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