gethostbayddr_r on Dragonfly?

Frank W. Josellis frank at
Sat Dec 29 09:41:46 PST 2007

There is a gethostbyaddr_r in src/lib/libc/net/gethostnamadr.c which looks 
provisional and should presumably not be used for productivity purposes.
The following simple program 
int main()
compiles without errors, but is this really intentional? Thus pretending 
to have a working gethostbyaddr_r is at any rate confusing for configure 
scripts from 3rd party software which check for the presence and usability 
of such function, the correct number of arguments cannot be determined. 
The effects can be seen, for example, from running 'bmake configure' for 
www/privoxy. That's not a fatal error in the case of privoxy, but the 
program runs slightly misconfigured on Dragonfly and fills its logs with 
complaints. Maybe an incomplete gethostbyaddr_r should better remain 
invisible (at least on the RELEASE branch)?

Frank Josellis

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