[issue762] missing 's0' in device use

Chris Turner c.turner at 199technologies.org
Sat Aug 11 12:02:23 PDT 2007

Nicolas Thery wrote:
> Anybody knows what /etc/fstab is used for in the vkernel env?
Any other mounted filesystems as usual..
see /etc/rc.d/mountcritlocal, etc.

The vkernel boots on the first partition in the vkd by default,
see init_vkd in sys/platform/vkernel/platform/init.c:705
(sets to vkd0s0a for VKD_DISK and cd9660:vcd0a for VKD_CD)

Probably good to have fstab and the docs match something that works
(as discussed elsewhere)
in case you want the shorthand to 'mount -o rw /'
after an unclean shutdown, mount -a from vcd booted chroot,

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