[issue762] missing 's0' in device use

Simon 'corecode' Schubert corecode at fs.ei.tum.de
Sat Aug 11 05:23:07 PDT 2007

Nicolas Thery wrote:
There is also a missing 's0' in vkernel man page.
-echo '/dev/vkd0a / ufs rw 1 1' >/mnt/etc/fstab
+echo '/dev/vkd0s0a / ufs rw 1 1' >/mnt/etc/fstab
are you sure that this is needed?  I thought vkd don't use a slice table.
Well, when I "ls /dev/vkd0*", I get:

/dev/vkd0 /dev/vkds0 /dev/vkds0a ...

There is no /dev/vkd0a printed.
Okay then.

However, I've just put /dev/vkd0a in /etc/fstab and it works too.

Is 's0' somehow added by mount or the kernel?
The root mount information does not come from /etc/fstab :)

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